rodstewart385x240 Boston Garden Weekend

There were so many special moments at the old Boston Garden.  Celtics legends like Larry Bird and Bruins great Bobby Orr brought fans to their feet. But quite a few of your favorite WODS artists gave us some memorable moments of their own!  Remember when Boston Mayor Kevin White bailed the Rolling Stones out of jail in Rhode Island so the band could play at the Garden?

All weekend long, 103.3 WODS will play the music and tell the stories of the Boston Garden.

But first, we want to hear YOUR Garden concert stories!  What was your first Garden concert?  What was your favorite Garden show?  Let us know in the comments section below and you may hear your Garden memories on WODS this weekend!

To jog your memory a bit, here are a few Garden concert highlights!

3/26/70-Sly &The Family Stone “Greatest hits Tour”
10/9/70 The Jackson Five first national tour
11/10/71-Elvis Presley
11/27/71-THE OSMONDS
7/18/72 Rolling Stones
8/16/72-Sonny & Cher Tour
6/08/73 2 nights Chicago, Chicago IV tour
9/14/73-Aretha Franklin
10/21&22/74 CHICAGO VII TOUR
11/20/74-Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow brick road tour
11/30/74-Marvin Gaye   let’s get it on tour
12/10/74-George Harrison George Harrison & Friends North American Tour
5/26/77-Wings over America tour
8/05/77-Steve Miller Band “Fly Like an Eagle tour”
6/02/79-Rod Stewart Blondes have more fun tour

Comments (29)
  1. Kathi says:

    Oh, wow, what a great place for a concert! I saw Chicago, Seger (twice) and Billy Joel. Billy debuted “Honesty” at one concert and Bob Seger debuted “We’ve got tonight” at another. It was great!!

  2. Irene Decola says:

    My first ‘official’ date with my husband was to see Three Dog Night in June 1972. In August 2011, we will be married 37 years! – where does the time go?!

  3. Joanne says:

    OMG, just heard your request on my way home from work regarding Boston Garden concerts. What a walk down memory lane. My first concert was in either 1956 or 1957 at the original Boston Garden and had different groups performing. I have tried in the past to find who performed, but was not successful. I was either 14 or 15 and took the T from East Boston to the Garden with my “older boyfriend” of 17. I am pretty sure Fats Domino performed; perhaps Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, I just don’t recall. But it was a big deal in those days, and everyone wanted to go. Of course, I consider this the real “rock and roll” and “r&b” as we called it. There were performers and bands, and if you can find the venue, I would love to hear who they were. One of the things that impressed me most then, and I still remember it vividly, was all the flames from the lighting of the cigarettes when they dimmed the lights. You were able to “light up” then. What a different world today. I have been at several concerts since then, and am considering the Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart gig. Good music is always good music, now and in the 1950’s. But, honestly, the 1956/57 concert will always be my best memory. Thanks for the opportunity to remember and walk down memory lane.

  4. Linda says:

    “The Beatles” Tina Turner

  5. Karen says:

    My first concert at the Garden was Glen Campbell in the late 60’s. The Ice Capades were always fun. I attended many Bruins games and had to climb over railings to get to some seats! Favorite night was Phil Esposito night when Ray Bourque took his jersey off in order for Esposito’s number to be retired. Great things took place in that building.

  6. Tom says:

    My first and most favorite concert at the Boston Garden was seeing Elvis perform on November 10, 1971. It was his only Garden appearance. His show was absolutely fantastic. He sang many of his hits, along with other artist’s songs, and his voice was great. I remember him wearing a dark sequined jump suite (with cape) and he was in great shape. I also remember him singing “Bridge Over Trouble Water” twice. I still have half of the ticket stub. Thanks for stirring some nice memories.

  7. Bill says:

    My favorite Garden show would have to be (Sir) Paul McCartney, still putting on an incredible show many years after the Beatles.

  8. den aleff says:

    summer of 1966 bruno sammartino was defending his wwwf championship agaist gorilla monsoon who was almost 400lbs when the ring ropes broke and the two behemoths were swallowed into a huge hole in the ring and dissapeared it was a sellout crowd of approx. 16’000 this sunday 29th the wwe royal rumble is at the new garden if oldies 103 has any tix as it is sold out they would be appreciated thanks dennis

  9. Jeanine says:

    I remember the Roling Stones concert in ’72 quite well.
    it was the 1st time you got your tickets lottery stlye!
    Stevie wonder was great, then it took so long for the stones to come out.
    And yes Mayor White came out to keep us all in step.
    But it was worth it.

  10. Kim says:

    1979 Queen with Billy Squire opening, it was my first concert.

  11. Ann Marie says:

    First and best concert was the Beatles 1st concert in Boston.
    My friend and I snuck into the press confrence room and she left
    a note for Ringo. He found it and read it and it was in the Sunday
    paper the next day!!!! It was an unbelieveable concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joanne says:

    My favorite concert at the Garden was Journey!! It was awesome.

  13. Ellie Baskam says:

    Spring of 1964 Beatles Concert at the Boston Gardens:
    I was in the 8th grade. A classmate bragged how she had tickets for front row of the Beatles concert. Someone couldn’t go and she asked me if I wanted to buy the ticket. Her parents dropped us off. We sat on the ground floor, but we were about about 2/3 back. When the Beatles came on stage everyone stood up. I am only 5′ tall and I couldn’t see a thing. Frustrated I jumped down, ran to the end of the aisle on my left and then made my way up the the 1st section of chairs on the left side. I could see the Beatles, but they were still quite a ways away. I stood up with the rest of the girls on the chairs. As the concert continued there was tons of screaming. You could hear music and see that they were singing, but you could not hear anything over the screaming. At one point Ringo had the lead, but you still did not know what song he was singing. After that, more girls joined us on the string of seats and the chairs, all attached, fell over backwards. It didn’t stop us. We got back up onto the chairs and continued screaming. I don’t know how I found the people I came with at the end of the concert, but I did. I went to two other Beatles concerts: Suffolk Downs (with 2 others girlfriends via the trolley) and the Shea Stadium in NYC in August of ’65. At the end of that concert, Shea Stadium and the attendees of the Worlds Fair emptied out at the same time. Thousands of us headed for the train station to go home. My mother and I were almost crushed to death, but fortunately two young men heard our cries and pulled us to safety.

  14. Judy says:

    First Concert was Elton John with opening band Quarter FLash! Loved Aerosmith 1989 met Steven Tyler and Joe Perry backstage before the concert….Billy Joel concert…met all but Billy Joel…Lead guitar player saw my tattoo of my daughter and six months later had a similar one on his arm….he asked me all about it…nice…great times…

  15. FaithTobin says:

    I’d like to see Hall and oates.

  16. Olivia Roberts says:

    10/17/69 Jimi Hendrix – One of my most memeorable experiences! Stood in the third row! Have you ever been experienced? I have.

  17. Olivia Roberts says:

    10/17/1969 – the Jimi Hendirx Experience….Stood in the thrid row…One of the most memorable experiences I have ever had…..Have you ever been experieced? I have!

  18. cheryl says:

    My first experience with a concert at the fabulous Boston Garden I was 16yrs old and saw David Bowie 1970″s. My most favorite memory was a concert in the 1980″s Earth Wind & Fire!!!!. So many different generations enjoying there music. They had the whole Garden harmonizing with them. What a happy night like there was not a care in the world.

  19. Ann says:

    Remember the obstructed view seats? a friend and I got tix for the Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick tour concert (it was the ngiht of our high school prom but her boyfriend had mono…)

  20. Mary Panajia says:

    My most memorable concerts at The Boston Garden were Elvis Presley, I still get goose bumps every time I hear him sing. And I took my Mom to see Frank Sinatra.

  21. Norris Welch says:

    My biggest & scariest Gardens memory was New Year’s Eve 1996 with “Phish”. My choir, The Boston Community Choir, was asked to perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” with the group at midnight. When we walked out onto the stage, the Garden’s normal seating capacity HAD to have been doubled for that concert. There was nothing short of a sea of people yelling & screaming with cheers all around us front, back, & sides of us. A crowd situation I had never been in before. It was a HUGELY exciting time, yet a little scary. A wonderful night!!!

  22. Bob says:

    I’d have to say my favorite concert was Elton John – I think it was 1973. He played a couple of nights in the Gah-Den. I had tix for the last show… During the show you could make your way down to the space between the front row seats and the stage to take pictures – which I did. Then, when no one was looking I slipped behind the curtain at the right of the stage to “watch” the show from back stage. I stood just behind a set of 4 “empty” seats. Then 4 people came out from under the seating area and sat in these seats. Elton finished the show, came off stage right in front of me, paused and turned around and went back for the encore. He then called a friend, Stevie Wonder, out to play piano during the encore. Up stood the 4 people in front of me and they led Stevie up on stage to finish the show!

    1. Bob says:

      oops, I stand corrected it WAS 1974…

  23. Angela C says:

    I have gone to many concerts at the Garden during the mid-70’s. I forget how many times I saw Aerosmith. The one I remember the best ( because I got hit over the head with a whisky bottle)!, was Aerosmith,Duke and the Drivers and J Geils I believe. They advertised it as “What Boston wants, Boston gets.”
    The absolute best concert at the Garden was seeing George Harrison. He brought along a few friends like Ravi Shankar, Billy Preston,Tom Scott and the LA Express and I am sure there was more than that but that’s all I remember. Seeing my favorite Beatle was amazing. He opened up with While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Time stood still for me while he played that…..ahhhh memories!!

  24. Ray says:

    I was at the Elton John show in November 1974. It was my first concert. Kiki Dee was the opening act. John Lennon was there because the following week he was doing the Madison Square Garden show with Elton & came to Boston to see how Elton performed in concert. See documentary LENNONYC.

  25. Ray says:

    Other Garden concerts I have been to over the years: Go-Go’s with Flock of Seagulls opening. Chicago AND The Beach Boys together. Also Foghat, America, and I can not remember how many Aerosmith shows!!

  26. paula parker says:

    In summer of 1972 my then boyfriend and I (now my husband) went to see Rod Stewart and Badfinger at the Boston Garden, there was another band playing also but the name escapes me. We never minded the smell of stale beer and the old seats because you could feel the history all around you.I was lucky enough to see a Bruins /New York Rangers playoff game with Bobby Orr, Derek Sanderson and teammates in 1971. I also remember walking down the ramp that emptied out into North Station where the wooden benches were. As they said, “thanks for the memories”.

  27. Barbara says:

    My best concert wasn’t at the Garden; it was at the Colonial in the mid 70s; Bette Midler; she was great.

  28. matty2 says:

    Boston Garden: The Rolling Stones-Steve Wonder concerts in 1972 — both nights.

    You had to send in a SASE to the Boston Garden with money orders in the amount of $24; if you were lucky enough, you received four $6.00 tickets back in the mail. They had to be postmarked no earlier than midnight on a specific date. So my best friend and I thumbed into Boston — we were only 15 — and deposited 24 SASE’s, each containing a $24 money order, at the North End post office, figuring that since that’s where the local mail to the Garden originated, mail we deposited in the box outside the the post office with a first pickup at 6am might, just might, get delivered to the Garden that same morning.

    Imagine our surprise less than four days later when, first, an aunt called, saying she had some tickets for some “Stones-something” concert I had told her she might receive. And then another call from a cousin, and then a call from my friend that he was getting calls from his friends and relatives. And then we realized it was an avalanche of Stones tickets descending upon us.

    64 tickets in all! The absolute most in-demand Garden ticket since May 1970 Game Four of the Bruins-Blues Stanley Cup Finals game, or the October 1964 appearance by the Beatles.
    And I was fortunate enough to have tickets to see both Orr score his Cup-winning goal, with the same friend who I scored the Stones tickets, AND to see the Beatles and Jackie DeShannon perform, although I had to be dragged their by my cousin and her two girlfriends.

    All in all, though, amazing bits of Boston Garden history that I own.

    Okay, to make a long story short, we brought six friends and they formed a casual circle around us in the Garden Lobby the first night as as we scalped 36 Stones tickets for no less than $25 each the first night. On the second night, just two of our friends returned with us to the Garden. That night, we scalped the remaining 16 tickets, but the first night’s theatrics, the band being arrested and detained in RI, the mayor having to call the governor to ask to please release the band because he afraid he’d have a riot on his hand, drove the demand for tickets through the roof. It seemed every kid in MA was in the Garden Lobby trying to buy tickets and we sold each and every one of our 16 tickets for $100 a pair. Then we went into the concert, had a blast, and paid a cabbie $40 to drive the four of us home to the suburbs.
    Yeah, a great time. One for the books!

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