td garden Our Favorite Boston Garden Memories
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Over the weekend, 103.3 WODS relived some great memories from concerts at the old Boston Garden! Here were some of your favorite Garden moments!

“I saw Chicago, Seger (twice) and Billy Joel. Billy debuted “Honesty” at one concert and Bob Seger debuted “We’ve Got Tonight” at another. It was great!” – Irene D.

“My first ‘official’ date with my husband was to see Three Dog Night in June 1972. In August 2011, we will be married 37 years! – where does the time go?!” – Joanne

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“My first concert was in either 1956 or 1957 at the original Boston Garden and had different groups performing. I was either 14 or 15 and took the T from East Boston to the Garden with my ‘older boyfriend’ of 17. I am pretty sure Fats Domino performed; perhaps Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, I just don’t recall. But it was a big deal in those days, and everyone wanted to go.” – Linda

“My first concert at the Garden was Glen Campbell in the late 60′s. The Ice Capades were always fun. I attended many Bruins games and had to climb over railings to get to some seats! Favorite night was Phil Esposito night when Ray Bourque took his jersey off in order for Esposito’s number to be retired. Great things took place in that building.” – Tom

“My first and most favorite concert at the Boston Garden was seeing Elvis perform on November 10, 1971. It was his only Garden appearance. His show was absolutely fantastic. He sang many of his hits, along with other artist’s songs, and his voice was great. I still have half of the ticket stub. Thanks for stirring some nice memories.” – Bill

“I remember the Rolling Stones concert in ’72 quite well. It was the first time you got your tickets lottery style! Stevie Wonder was great, then it took so long for the Stones to come out. And yes Mayor White came out to keep us all in step. But it was worth it.” – Kim

“Queen with Billy Squire opening in 1979, it was my first concert.” – Ann Marie

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“I was in 8th grade. A classmate bragged how she had tickets for front row of the Beatles concert. Someone couldn’t go and she asked me if I wanted to buy the ticket. We sat on the ground floor. When the Beatles came on stage everyone stood up. As the concert continued there was tons of screaming. You could hear music and see that they were singing, but you could not hear anything over the screaming. After that, more girls joined us on the string of seats and the chairs, all attached, fell over backwards. It didn’t stop us. We got back up onto the chairs and continued screaming. I don’t know how I found the people I came with at the end of the concert, but I did.” – Judy

“Jimi Hendrix – One of my most memorable experiences! Stood in the third row! Have you ever been experienced? I have.” – Olivia R.

“I was 16 and saw David Bowie in the 1970s. My favorite memory was a concert in the 1980s with Earth Wind & Fire!!!! So many different generations enjoying their music. They had the whole Boston Garden harmonizing with them. What a happy night like there was not a care in the world.” – Ann

“Remember the obstructed view seats? A friend and I got tix for the Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick tour concert.” – Mary P.

“I forget how many times I saw Aerosmith. The one I remember the best (because I got hit over the head with a whiskey bottle!) was Aerosmith, Duke and the Drivers, and J Geils I believe.” – Ray

Got any other memories you forgot the first time? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Marsha says:

    the first concert I saw at the gardens was Boston-Boston, then I saw foriener-double vision, and styx-grand illusion, Linda ronstat, rod stewart. all of them I saw in my high school yrs.. I would like to see all of them again, but not at TD. I do not like the new td at all. If you want to die just jump. not a good design if you are afraid of hights.

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