The Boss is a well-known, proud American patriot and his upcoming album, Wrecking Ball, is a dissection of what has transpired in America the past few years including the Wall Street bailouts, the Tea Party movement, and Occupy Wall Street.

Bruce Springsteen wonders: Is the American dream still alive?

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In speaking at a press conference earlier this week in Paris, Springsteen explained the idea behind his upcoming album due out March 6th.

He said:

“My work has always been about judging the distance between American reality and the American Dream. [The 2008 Wall Street crisis acted as] an enormous fault-line [that] cracked the American system wide open and its repercussions are just beginning to be felt.”

He continued:

“An outrageous theft occurred that struck to the heart of the American idea. And there has been no accountability. [The title of my new album Wrecking Ball represents] the flat destruction of some American ideals and values over the last 30 years. It seemed like a good metaphor.”

Springsteen then spoke about Occupy Wall Street and how it’s benefitting society in his opinion.

Springsteen on the Occupy Movement:

“The Occupy Wall Street movement has been powerful about changing the national conversation. The Tea Party set the conversation for a while but now people are talking about economic equality. That’s a conversation America hasn’t had for 20 years.”

It’s fitting for Springsteen, an American cultural and musical icon, to release an album diagnosing the problems of America in an election year.

Whether you love him or hate him, agree or disagree with his political views, you gotta have respect for a man willing to speak his mind and devote an entire album to something he strongly believes in.


Check out the first single off the upcoming album, “We Take Care Of Our Own”


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