Everyday we have so much to talk about, and so little time! Here are some stories we couldn’t get to!

Ashton Kutcher Is Signing On For At Least One More Season of Two And A Half Men

Reports are that he’ll make one million dollars an episode! Jon Cryer makes $660,000 per episode and my sources tell me that he is in negotiations to match his pay with Kutcher’s.

Robin Gibb Of The Bee Gees Is Back In The Hospital

Last month Gibb said reports of his health issues were greatly exaggerated. But, now he is back in for surgery due to issues with his digestive system. Gibb says he will be ready for his April 10th concert in London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the “Titanic”.

Kris Humphries Needs Help Meeting Women?

Rumor has it that Humphries was out in New York the other night and enlisted Vinny from the Jersey Shore to help him! Word from my sources is that Vinny said, “…you seem to be doing fine by yourself”!

“Batman” Pulled Over For Speeding

A Maryland policeman pulled a Lamborghini over for speeding and having no license plates. But, when he looked into the car he saw the “Caped Crusader”! It wasn’t really “Batman”, it was more of a Bruce Wayne. Lenny Robinson, a reclusive multi-millionaire was on his way to a local hospital to entertain kids. He was let off with just a warning.


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