Megamillions Jackpot $500 Million- What Are Your Odds Of Winning?

What if YOU won the lottery?

It’s fun to think of what you would do with all that $$$$$$$$!

But what are your actual odds of winning the lottery? What about all the other odds? I have the list of ODDS.

Odds of winning powerball: 1 in 195 million

Odds of winning Megamillions: 1 in 176 million

lotterypix Megamillions Jackpot $500 Million  What Are Your Odds Of Winning?

Odds of dying from…

Heart disease: 1 in 5
Cancer: 1 in 7
Stroke: 1 in 23
Accidental injury: 1 in 36
Car accident: 1 in 100
Suicide: 1 in 121
Falling down: 1 in 246
Assault by firearm: 1 in 325
Fire: 1 in 1,116
Natural forces like heat, cold, storms, etc.: 1 in 3,357
Elextrocution: 1 in 5,000
Drowning: 1 in 8,942
Air accident: 1 in 20,000
Tornado: 1 in 60,000
Struck by lightning: 1 in 83,930
Venomous sting or bite: 1 in 100,000
Attacked by a dog: 1 in 147,717
Asteroid impact: 1 in 200,000
Tsunami: 1 in 500,000
Fireworks accident: 1 in 615,488

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One Comment

  1. timo says:

    sooo what do you tell thos that won money?

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