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Notable, posthumous artists who were honored at the Billboard Music Awards include the late Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, the Beastie Boys’ “MCA” aka Adam Yauch, and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

However, what’s been more noteworthy after-the-fact is who was left out of the tribute segment during the show.

Sunday’s event made no mention of Dick Clark, Levon Helm, Etta James or Davy Jones, leaving fans to wonder: Was this a complete oversight on behalf of the acclaimed magazine? Or were they left out for a reason?

It was most likely the former proposition, that the awards ceremony simply dropped the ball and forgot to include them — but that didn’t stop fans from expressing their outrage on the internet.

This sort of criticism is always fascinating to follow. It’s never about who was honored, it’s always about who wasn’t.

The same thing happens every year after the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees are announced.

After the news breaks you rarely hear, “That artist is definitely worthy of entry, I have no qualms with that.” It’s always, “WHAT?! WOW, I can’t believe ‘so-and-so’ didn’t get in!”

The disapproval with Billboard’s brain-fart-of-a-mistake is well-deserved in my opinion.

If you’re going to make a tribute to those who we’ve lost, be sure to include everyone .

Andrew Celani –


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