Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes on Glee, sat down with Y98/St. Louis to talk about the end of the season and the perils of fame. She didn’t give up many spoilers, just some hints about how much Kleenex to plop down next to you.

Tonight, Tuesday May 22nd, the “Goodbye” episode will air. Riley hints, “‚Ķfor the goodbye episode you’ll need a lot of Kleenex. It’s very, very emotional. It’s really great though. They’re good tears.”

Riley’s character, Mercedes, will continue on next season after starting with the show way back in 2009. It’s her first television series and she admitted that all the exposure from the hit show has made one aspect of her life different.

“Definitely the recognition, people knowing who you are walking down the street and the attention that you get it’s a little weird for me,” Riley said.

“It’s a little bit weird for me because I forget that I’m on TV. I don’t walk around like, ‘I’m Amber Riley, I’m on television!’ So when someone’s staring at me, I’m thinking I have a booger in my nose or something. Like, ‘Why is this person staring at me?’ But then you remember, ‘Oh, you’re on TV.'”

If you spot Riley around your neighborhood, make your reassurances that her nose is clear if you’re going to stare.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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