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With a week of scorching hot weather taking Boston and the rest of New England by storm and record temperatures expected Thursday afternoon, we are all looking for ways to stay cool.

Some people will take solace in their air-conditioned living rooms, some will head to the beach for a swim, and some of us will simply sit in a puddle of sweat hoping for it to go away. But maybe the best solution is to just accept that Boston is always this hot in the summertime.

Even if you choose to escape the heat, here is a playlist that could make you not avoid the heat but overcome and possibly even enjoy it. And be sure to check weather updates from CBS Boston for the latest news on the Boston heat wave and tips on how to stay safe an enjoy your summer weather.

Martha and the Vandellas – “Heat Wave”

I think we can all agree with Martha when she sings “this ain’t the way it’s supposed to be.”  This song may be about comparing her love to a heat wave, but right about now we would all love for this heat wave to go away.

Sly and the Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

This classic summer jam brings back great memories of summer without all of the unbearable heat and sweating!  Sit back, relax (if you can) and reminisce about your childhood summer fun.

The Cure – “Hot Hot Hot”

While this heat may not be hot enough to set a house on fire, it certainly feels like it!  After this week, The Cure may want to go back and add another verse.

Glenn Frey – “The Heat is On”

This heat is definitely on the street and it is definitely in your head as well!  Hopefully by the time you’re done listening to this playlist, somebody will have turned that heat off.

Asia – “Heat of the Moment”

This heat wave is on track to last more than just a moment, but we can let that slide for now.  This classic should be able to make you overcome the oppressive heat.

Billy Idol – “Hot in the City”

It’s not just the city that’s hot tonight!  This ode to summer romance will hopefully give you the chills to help fight off the record temperatures.

Ray Charles – “In the Heat of the Night”

Ray Charles says he would sell his soul for a little light, but I think he would be better off trading it for a little cool air.  We certainly would.


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