Charlie Watts: Rolling Stones Still Undecided On Anniversary Plans

Andrew Celani --
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(Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images)

(Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images)

The longer it takes for the Rolling Stones to make a formal announcement regarding plans for their 50th anniversary, increasing speculation and rumors will persist.

However, nobody in the Stones camp even knows what they’re doing for sure yet, this according to Charlie Watts. In a recent interview with Premiere Prep, the drummer said they’re still working out the specifics.

“We’re gonna sort of celebrate the 50 years and then we see what we do next, you know, whenever. We haven’t decided on anything really.”

Two things are for sure:

  1. The band will meet in London in the coming weeks to discuss the 50th anniversary more extensively.
  2. They’ve settled on a 50th Anniversary logo and it looks like this:
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